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When you hear the word beard, what’s the first style that comes to mind? In all probability, you’ve pictured a full beard with a mustache. That’s what many people think of first. However, there’s another popular group of beards – beards without the mustache.

This type of beard is mostly associated with younger men. Also, this type of beard lends itself to many styles. You can look professional, rebellious, and even like a tough guy. It all depends on your hairstyle and the clothes you wear.

Keep reading for more on this popular facial hairstyle.

Why Grow a Beard Without Mustache?

There are many reasons men of all ages decide to grow a beard without also growing a mustache. Here are some of the most popular.

Mixing Things Up

Some men find their style early on and stick to it forever. There’s nothing wrong with that, and knowing exactly what works for you is fantastic. For other men, it takes time to find the perfect look, and they might go through several phases.

However, some men also like to switch things up from time to time, and that’s as good a reason as any to go for a beard without mustache.

It Complements Your Face

Many men wear a beard these days, and the sheer range of styles and cuts is nothing short of staggering. Take a stroll through your local mall, and you’ll see everything from stubble to super-long beards.

However, not every beard style suits every face. Often, the beard is OK, but the mustache doesn’t fit. In such cases, it’s best to keep the beard and lose the hair above your lip.

Guys with diamond-shaped and slightly longer faces will benefit from a beard with no mustache the most. It will balance out their facial features and make their chins look a bit broader.

Easier Maintenance

Yes, that’s true. A simple beard with no mustache is easier to maintain and needs less TLC than a full beard with a mustache. And, some guys want the more masculine look that facial hair brings, but also want the least hassle possible. That, too, is an entirely legitimate reason to do away with the mustache.

However, if you go for something complicated, you’ll need to spend a lot of time maintaining it. For example, a Lincoln beard can make you look like a hobo pretty quickly if left unattended. On the other hand, a soul patch is as simple to maintain as they come.

Soul Patch

Well, a beard doesn’t get any simpler than the popular soul patch. Many famous men have worn it throughout history, with Michael Jordan, George Michael, and Kevin Costner being some of the most prominent examples.

The maintenance is dead simple. You shave everything clean, except for the small patch of hair beneath your lower lip. That’s it. The shape of the patch is up to you, though triangular and square patches are the most popular.

Make sure to shave regularly because a soul patch looks unsightly in combination with stubble.

Mutton Chops

Do you want to look like a tough biker? Is Wolverine your favorite superhero? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, the recommended style for you is the infamous mutton chops.

Many men are afraid that they won’t pull it off and that the ladies won’t find them attractive. Therefore, they never try this look. However, with the right attitude and some well-executed maintenance, mutton chops can work wonders for the wearer.

To make the mutton chops work, you’ll have to remove stubble regularly. If you let it grow too long, your chops will turn into a messy attempt at a full beard.


A goatee is also a popular option for men who don’t want to grow a mustache. How do you style a goatee? Well, shave everything clean, except the chin section.

Make sure to keep your neck clean, as well. The goatee will quickly lose its appeal if you let the hair on your neck grow.

The best thing about a goatee? You can mix and match it, as well as grow it as long as you want.

You can keep it neatly trimmed, or you can grow it super-long and tie it into a braid. Granted, the latter option will take a lot of time and dedication. Plus, you’ll have to push through a rather long period where it will look and feel a bit weird.


Abraham Lincoln was and still is one of the most beloved presidents of the United States. However, he was also a fashion icon of sorts. President Lincoln wore a characteristic top-hat that was named after him. Also, he had a distinctive facial hairstyle, which was also named after him.

So, if you feel like mixing things up and trying something completely new, you can opt for a Lincoln beard. Shave off your mustache and remove hair from your cheeks. The trick here is to get the entire beard to the same length. Also, stubble on the cheeks and above the upper lip is a no-no.


If you want a beard without a mustache, the chinstrap is one of the more elegant solutions. Many celebrities wore this type of beard at one point or another, so there’s no need to name any names.

This style requires a lot of maintenance if you want to keep things under control. You can’t allow stubble, as it will quickly merge with the chinstrap. Also, you can’t let the strap grow too long or thick, as it will turn into a chin curtain after a while.

Full Beard

Finally, you can grow a full beard. This style might look easy to achieve and maintain, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You’ll have to give your beard plenty of attention to keep it neat. You should brush your beard and oil it regularly. Plus, you’ll need to take care of the stubble under your nose every few days.

Beards Rock Even Without a Mustache

The majority of people imagine a man with a beard and mustache when someone says the word “beard.” However, the beard without mustache side of the beard camp is sizeable, as well.

Men decide to get rid of the mustache and keep the beard for many reasons. Some want to experiment, while others look better that way. Also, some just want a low-maintenance style.

Whatever the reason, most men who opt to lose the mustache go for a soul patch, a goatee, a chinstrap, or a full beard. The fearless ones opt for a Lincoln or the mutton chops.

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