Best Keychain Multitool in 2020 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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When you’re packing up your tactical carry toolset, you really put your mind to it. You set aside a portion of time to assemble what you need.

But no one does this for EDC or everyday carry. Still, EDC is just as important. You never know what kind of situation you’re going to find yourself in.

The keychain multitool is the Swiss army knife of your EDC (sometimes literally). It fits into your pocket and yet features various tools for the “who knows” situations.

But buying a cheap multitool won’t cut it. With this in mind, we’ve assembled a list of products to help you find the best keychain multitool for your needs.

Comparison Chart

Victorinox Swiss Army Manager Pocket Knife, Sapphire
LEATHERMAN, Micra Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Stainless Steel, Built in the USA, Stainless
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Gerber 30-000469 Dime Mini Multi-Tool, Black
Kershaw PT-2 Compact Keychain Pry Tool (8810X); Features Bottle Opener, Two Screwdriver Tips, Pry Bar, Wire Scraper, Three Hex Drives; Made of 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel; 0.8 OZ, 3.75 In. Overall Length
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Nite Ize KCT1010-1088 DoohicKey QuicKey Stainless-Steel 5-in-1 Keychain Multi Tool with Key Hole Attachment

Keychain Multitool Reviews

Victorinox Swiss Army Manager


This is a brilliant tool from probably the most iconic multitool manufacturer out there. Swiss-made and practical, this is the go-to tool of many.

Product Highlights

A multitool with the famous Swiss flag, it’s a tad over an ounce heavy. Given the compact size, the Manager doesn’t look like it packs a ton of tools.

Well, you’d be wrong to think that’s the case, as there are 10 functions aboard this multitool. In addition to a 1.25” blade, you get a bottle opener, scissors, a screwdriver, a nail file, even things such as a retractable ballpoint pen.

Of course, the construction is stainless steel, so expect the tool to last a long time. The scales are made out of polished sapphire, which means the shell is very durable as well.

Not only is this one made in Switzerland, but you also get a lifetime guarantee, when it comes to material and workmanship defects.

So, you won’t pay a whole lot, plus you can expect a ton of durability.

The Good

The Victorinox Swiss Army Manager is a true multitool in the sense that it does a little bit of everything. It doesn’t offer three perfect features, but it does pack 10 different ones that work surprisingly well.

Many multitools have an attachment feature for your keychain, but this doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily practical; this one truly is. This is why many consider this model to be the best keychain multitool on the market.

The Bad

Don’t expect this multitool to be a magic wand. It can do a lot of things, but it doesn’t excel at anything. No, the tools won’t easily break, but don’t expect to use any of them if there’s a better one around.

For instance, you may use the knife tool to cut up and eat an outdoor meal, but the knife you have at home will do a much better and more comfortable job.


  • 10 handy features
  • Very practical
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Quality build


No exceptional features

Leatherman Micra


This is a pliers-based multitool that packs a punch. It will fit your keychain, but compactness isn’t its strong suit.

Product Highlights

Pliers-based multitools are becoming increasingly popular these days. This Leatherman keychain gives off that quality build vibe and it looks gorgeous.

At first glance, the Micra appears way too big for a keychain. However, if you’re familiar with Leatherman tools, you’ll know two things – none of them is as small as the Micra and they all offer high-quality builds without exception.

With this tool, 2.5” in length is tiny. Even the 1.8-oz. weight is light. Especially when you consider the fact that you actually get a set of as many as ten different tools. This includes a knife, spring-action scissors, tweezers, a file, and many others.

The tool is made out of brushed stainless steel, which means a ton of durability; this set won’t break easily.

The Good

The Leatherman Micra is a no-nonsense kind of tool. Built in a very pragmatic, unshowy way, it still manages to appear sleek and professional. It doesn’t look like a tool that offers too many features, either. And yet it does.

With a brushed stainless steel build and a perfect amount of features, the Micra may be the ideal tool for your needs. It’s durable, capable, and yet it fits your keychain.

The Bad

Not that the Leatherman Micra isn’t compact, but if the emphasis of your search is on compactness, you’ll find more of it elsewhere. At 2.5”, the Micra will fit your pocket, but not without forming a bulge.

Furthermore, while you can’t say that 1.8 oz. is heavy, there are many multitools available on the market that are lighter, more compact, and more akin to a pendant rather than to a full-blown tool. Still, if you want versatility for your EDC, the Micra will do a brilliant job.


  • Resilient
  • 10 amazing tools
  • Leatherman quality build
  • Very versatile


A bit on the hefty side

Gerber 30-000469 Dime


Quite hefty and powerful, this tool looks like it means business – and it really does.

Product Highlights

This Gerber tool is 2.75” long when closed. Open it, and goes to 4.25”. There’s a point where a keychain feature becomes larger than the rest of the keychain.

No one is trying to deny that this is a hefty tool for one that fits on a keychain. Still, the Gerber isn’t quite at that aforementioned point. It will make for a rather dominant part of your keychain, but it looks classy and powerful.

The 2 oz. of weight may seem like a lot, but considering what this tool can do, it isn’t. Pliers are the main feature on this multitool and they do a fantastic job. In fact, many people get this Gerber tool because it brings more to the table than your average pair of pliers.

Additionally, you get spring-action scissors, a package opener, screwdrivers, and various other tools to meet your EDC needs and more. There’s also a wire cutter, a fine-edge blade, tweezers, even a file.

The Good

There are multitools that pretend to be tools but are actually little more than pendants. The Gerber 30-000469 Dime is on a completely opposite side of this spectrum. It’s not the lightest multitool on the market and it’s not the most compact one.

But the pliers alone are enough of a reason to get this Gerber model. When opened, it’s no larger than your regular pair of pliers and it does an equally good job. On top of that, you get a variety of brilliant tools.

The Bad

This multitool doesn’t pretend to be small and lightweight. Still, compactness is a very important factor when looking for the best keychain multitool on the market. So, before going ahead with the purchase of this multitool, ask yourself what you’re looking for in one?

Do you want a small addition to your keychain to open bottles with? If so, then the Gerber 30-000469 Dime might not be up your alley. But if you’re looking for a tool that does a good job at a lot of things, the Dime will do the trick


  • Sleek and sturdy
  • Fantastic pliers
  • 10 tools
  • Crosshead and flat drivers


A bit robust

Kershaw PT-2


This is a very compact keychain multitool. It may not look like much, but you actually get a solid number of features with it.

Product Highlights

At first glance, the Kershaw PT-2 doesn’t look like much. It’s compact, lightweight, and interesting in appearance. But what hides beneath this may actually amaze you.

The PT-2 comes with eight different features that have been seamlessly added to its interesting design. There’s a hex drive, a pry bar, a bottle opener, and quite a few others.

The grip is filled with glass and it’s nicely textured, offering excellent grip. The tool is made out of attractive stainless steel. But more than this, thanks to its design, the Kershaw PT-2 is tough and will take quite a bit of punishment.

Furthermore, the PT-2 has a bead-blasted finish. This means more carbon, which adds to the tool’s strength and wear-resistance.

The size of this tool is extremely convenient. It’s basic enough to fit your keychain, and yet has enough features for quite a number of situations.

The Good

This is the kind of multitool that you put on your keychain and forget that it’s there. Well, until a need for it arises, that is. This is honestly what most people are looking for in the best keychain multitool on the market.

Some don’t prefer bulkiness and would appreciate compactness over it, any day of the week. Despite its size and appearance, the Kershaw PT-2 is a very useful multitool that can come in handy in a variety of different scenarios. And yet, it won’t cause your pocket to bulge.

The Bad

Still, if you’re looking for a tool that features pliers and scissors, the PT-2 simply won’t do the trick. Although the tool has some unexpected features like a hex drive, and screwdriver tips, it’s not the kind of tool that also has scissors, pliers, and similar, more heavy-duty type of tools.

This may not be a huge problem, but if you want to be able to use pliers and scissors, you’re going to have to get another tool for it. This defeats the purpose of the Kershaw PT-2, so maybe you should avoid it.


  • Various unexpected features
  • Extremely sturdy build
  • Glass-filled handle
  • Bead-blasted finish


Doesn’t have some features

Nite Ize KCT1010-1088

31ybGHZu JL

This multitool will fit your keychain like a glove. Seriously, it’s basically just like a key.

Product Highlights

The entire idea behind this multitool is a tool that looks like a key. It’s the size of a key, it’s shaped like a key and, in a way, it’s a key to solving many problems that warrant the use of a multitool. Don’t expect a feature-rich multitool here. Still, how could you expect something like that from a tool this small?

Actually, you get more than you might hope for at first glance. This key-sized keychain multitool brings as many as five features to the table.

Of course, there’s a bottle opener – what would a multitool if it couldn’t help you open a couple of cold brewskies? Then, there’s the file feature. Nothing you wouldn’t expect, right? Add the appropriate texture to a level part of a tool, and you’ve got yourself a file. But there’s also a scoring point, a serrated edge, and, get this, a flathead screwdriver on board.

For a key-sized, key-like tool, that’s a lot of features.

We don’t even have to talk about its compactness here. If you’ve ever seen a regular key, you can imagine the rough outline of the size of the Nite Ize KCT1010-1088. At 0.7oz, it might be a tad heavier than your regular key, but that’s because it’s made out of stainless steel, for resilience. Still, as far as multitools go, this is incredibly light.

The Good

Clearly, size and compactness are the name of the game when it comes to the Nite Ize KCT1010-1088. With a tool like this, you can do a lot of things, without the cost of bulkiness or robustness.

Even if you need a more extensive multitool, you can use it in combination with this one, seeing as how you won’t even notice that it’s there. Compactness is most definitely an essential aspect of this tool.

The Bad

Well, the Nite Ize KCT1010-1088 simply isn’t a multitool for every purpose. Say you find yourself in a situation where you need a pair of pliers.

The KCT1010-1088 won’t help you there. Or, you may want to do something as simple as cutting a piece of paper – nope, no scissors or knife is available on this tool. There is a serrated edge, but it’s not the sharpest one out there – otherwise, you’d risk cutting yourself with it.


  • Incredibly compact
  • Key-like appearance
  • Stainless steel
  • Five features


Doesn’t have every feature

Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best keychain multitool for you may not seem like a huge deal, but there’s more to it than you might expect. Before anything else, you have to ask yourself what you’re looking for in a keychain multitool” Well, here are a few things to consider when looking for a reliable keychain multitool.

Quality of the Tools

More than anything else, it’s crucial that you buy a quality piece of EDC gear. Your go-to multitool isn’t an exception. At the very least, the tool needs to be made out of stainless steel or a similar sturdy material. Otherwise, it will break down easily.

Then, consider the actual build and feature quality. A stainless steel tool can still be poorly constructed. And remember, price isn’t always a direct reflection of quality.


Keychain multitools are typically made to be lightweight. After all, you don’t want your keychain to tear a hole in your pocket. Still, some multitools are simply too heavy.

Everything past three oz. is pushing it. It may not feel that way when first holding a multitool, but add keys and various other trinkets to the equation and the weight adds up.

Look for a lightweight solution, no matter what type of a multitool you’re browsing for.


Although comfort isn’t an absolutely vital aspect of multitools, you don’t want to injure yourself while using it. Sure, a multitool might not be a piece of gear that you’ll be using all the time, but having a nice, comfy one at your disposal is always nice.

If you don’t care much for comfort, that’s one less thing to worry about when looking for the best keychain multitool.


This is perhaps the most important aspect of the perfect multitool for you. First, however, you have to consider the fact that we’re talking about keychain multitools, so the feature capacity is somewhat limited.

Still, manufacturers manage to squeeze in as many as 10 features per keychain tool, which is more than a solid number. But, then again, the more features you add and the more you focus on them, the heavier the multitool will be.

So, depending on whether you need an all-rounder, with pliers and scissors, or one with a bottle opener, and a couple of extra features, take your pick carefully. You don’t want a massive tool if you don’t need it, but you won’t benefit too much from a tiny one if you’re looking for, shall we say, more exotic features.


Ah, yes, this is probably the most important aspect of anything for many. Well, start by determining your budget and work from there. Don’t expect a high-quality tool, made out of stainless steel, with a lot of dedication, focus, and quality, for a couple of bucks.

On the other hand, there are many multitools available out there that won’t set you back too much and yet will make for quality keychain multitools.


How Do You Use a Keychain Multitool?

Multitools come in many shapes, forms, and sizes. They also carry various features and are used in vastly different ways. Some multitools don’t have a particular mechanism.

Think of them as your regular bottle openers with added features. They’re pretty straightforward. The more complex you go with the features, though, the more complicated things get.

Still, if you follow the provided instructions, you’ll be able to have the feature at the ready in no time. Plus, it’s only complicated the first time round.

Can a Keychain Multitool Replace a Pocket Knife?

Well, certainly not every multitool. Some of them simply don’t have a sharp feature to begin with. Other tools, however, are capable of replacing the pocket knife. There actually are tools that are, to all intents and purposes, knives with various other tools, which makes them multitools.

Still, some pocket knives are better at being knives than multitools. So, if you need a pocket knife, consider whether you want it as a multitool or as a separate feature.

What’s the Difference Between a Multitool and Keychain Multitool?

Put simply, a multitool is a tool that offers multiple features in a single package, such as screwdrivers, a knife, a bottle opener, a file, etc.

A keychain multitool is a multitool that’s compact enough to comfortably fit on your keychain. You’ll recognize keychain multitools by a keychain attachment option.

What are the Most Likely Uses of a Keychain Multitool?

Keychain multitools are made so that they’re with you at all times. Perhaps the most common feature on a keychain multitool is a bottle opener, so expect that you’ll never have trouble opening bottles again.

Many keychain multitools come with a retractable knife. Some multitools are equipped with a scissor feature, while others even have pliers.

As a rule of thumb, keychain multitools are there for unexpected occurrences.

What is the Best Kind of Metal for Multitools?

Although there are various quality metal materials that are resilient and capable enough to do great on multitools, stainless steel is commonly the best choice. It’s resilient enough to resist damage and durable enough to avoid rust and corrosion.

Stainless steel isn’t the lightest multitool option, but it’s definitely not the heaviest, either. It does the job and won’t set you back too much.

Final Verdict

Even though you’ll find that all multitools from the above list are great in their own respect, the Victorinox Swiss Army Manager remains the best keychain multitool of 2020, overall.

The list of its awesome features is one to brag about. At little over 2” in length and a little over an ounce in weight, it’s also very light, which is a key feature for keychain multitools.

Made in Switzerland, it offers both reliability and reputation. To vouch for this, you get a guarantee against workmanship and material defects.

If you’re looking for a cheap, simple solution, the Nite Ize KCT1010-1088 is the one you should go with. It’s simple, compact, will perfectly fit your keychain, and is the most affordable tool on the list.

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