Shoes to Wear With Khakis

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Khakis are a classic item every guy should have in his wardrobe. What’s fantastic about khakis is that they can be dressed either down or up.

For that reason, they can be worn at an office, a wedding or a bar.

But do you know what shoes to wear with khakis? It all depends on the kind of outfit you need and the kind of occasion.

So if you need some styling tips, look no further. We’ll show you which shoes are a smart match to wear with khakis and how to choose the right color.

What Shoes to Wear With Khakis

Boat Shoes and Khakis

Although boat shoes are casual footwear, they still add just the right amount of elegance to the outfit. When paired with khakis, they’re perfect for smart-casual events.

When you don’t want to be too dressed up, but you also don’t want to wear sneakers, boat shoes are the right choice.

The main thing to keep in mind is to choose neutral colors. Beige, brown, or even blue, depending on the shade of your khakis.

Just don’t be the person who wears leather snakeskin boat shoes that have a big, fussy buckle. That’s just tacky!

Dress Shoes and Khakis

When the occasion requires semi-formal wear, khakis paired with dress shoes are a perfect balance of elegance and casualness.

Most dress shoes work well with khakis, but try to save the polished, black ones for a more formal event. Instead, opt for brown, blue, or even burgundy Oxford shoes. They make a statement but aren’t too dressy.

Alternatively, you could wear some Derby shoes, which are exemplary shoes to wear with khakis for a semi-formal event. And just like with Oxford shoes, choose the ones that aren’t patent leather.

Shoes to Wear With Khakis

Loafers and Khakis

When it’s summer, and you’re going to a wedding, loafers are a stylish yet comfortable choice to wear with khakis. They give you that preppy, sophisticated look and are a very modern and dressy alternative to boat shoes.

Since most khakis reveal your ankles, make sure you don’t wear regular socks. If your loafers are comfortable, you can even wear them without socks, which is a current trend. However, if you must wear socks, make sure they match your outfit in terms of color and pattern.

Many guys love wearing funky socks, and without any doubt, they go well with khakis and loafers. They’re the eye-catching pieces that can brighten up the outfit.

However, if you want to keep it classic, you can buy some loafer socks. They won’t be visible, but they’ll still keep your fit dry in those summer months.

Boots and Khakis

To achieve the laid-back, hipster look, you can pair Chukka boots with khakis. Although a surprising combination, the boots dress down khakis a touch and are perfect for every day wear.

If you need to look more polished, but it’s too cold to wear dress shoes, choose Chelsea boots. They’re ankle-high boots that especially go well with fitted khakis.

For a formal occasion, wear leather Chelsea boots to add a little bit of elegance. If, however, you’re going to a semi-formal event, there are suede Chelsea boots.

One important tip when wearing boots and khakis is that your pants should have a streamlined fit. You can also cuff them up a bit to show off your footwear.

Sneakers and Khakis

What once was an unimaginable outfit is now very common. In the past, sneakers were worn with joggers and khakis with dressier shoes. Mixing khakis with sneakers was a no-no.

However, since many companies now don’t require strict dress codes, men are wearing these to complement the more relaxing office atmosphere.

Some of the classic sneakers you might wear with khakis are white Chucks, New balance, or Vans.

They’re all comfortable, but still give off that urban feeling. To keep the look well-put-together, choose trainers that are either black or white.

Shoes to Wear With Khakis

Sandals and Khakis

It’s a misconception that only women wear sandals. What’s more, wearing sandals and khakis isn’t a fashion crime.

For example, the Birkenstock-khaki combo is perfect for hot summer days. The iconic Birkenstock design will make your outfit feel unique but also comfortable.

On the other hand, wearing flip-flops and khakis is a style mistake you should avoid. You should wear flip-flops only when you’re going to the beach.

Matching the Colors

Generally speaking, khakis are a light shade of brown. The color may vary from taupe, pebble, tan, to cream, and beige, but they’re usually natural shades. If you think you’ve seen colorful khakis, then you’ve probably mistaken them for chinos.

Now that you know which shoes to wear with khakis, you should also know how to choose the color.

As a rule of thumb, wearing black, especially patent leather shoes with khakis, requires a certain level of confidence.

Moreover, in that situation your shirt would have to be white because any other color would be overpowering.

For that reason, many guys choose to wear earth, grey, or navy tones of shoes with their khakis. They’re easy pairing colors, plus your shirts and T-shirts can be of any color.

If you’re looking for something bold that’s not the standard black color, you could also get some burgundy or dark green shoes. These colors give your outfit a whole new dimension but don’t clash with the color of khakis.

And if you don’t like experimenting much, white is a safe color, especially when wearing sneakers and khakis. It gives you that effortlessly smart look.

Dress Them Up, Dress Them Down

Incredible versatility is what everybody loves about Khakis. They can be paired with elegant shoes for a formal event or dressed down with sneakers and sandals when running errands.

For hot summer nights, you can wear them with boat shoes or loafers, to great effect. And when it gets colder, put on some suede boots to get that hip look.

What’s more, if you were struggling with the shoe color, now you won’t have any problems combining your khakis.

So what are you waiting for? Go raid your wardrobe and start planning your next khaki outfit.

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