What Is EDC?

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The everyday carry community is continually growing. Still, no one would blame you for not knowing what EDC actually means.

In addition to being an abbreviation for “everyday carry,” there’s a whole lot more to EDC than meets the eye. With so many people getting into it, it’s high time you at least learned the basics.

So, what is EDC? Is it any old stuff that you carry around in your pockets? Read on to find out more.

What Does the Term Entail?

At its very core and most literal level, EDC or, everyday carry, means a collection of items you carry on a daily basis, in your pockets or your bag.

To further elaborate, know when you tap your pockets to check for certain items? Well, that’s kind of the best way to explain EDC items. So, EDC items are those items that are truly essential to your average day.

But EDC isn’t just any paraphernalia that you have lying in your pockets.

Everyday carry doesn’t include gum wrappers, scrunched up receipts, and other things that you might’ve absently slipped inside your pocket. A true EDC item is there for a purpose.

In essence, everyday carry items are there to help you perform your daily activities optimally, while preparing you for the worst-case scenario.

Does Everybody Do EDC?

In a way, yes. If you tend to have a number of items that you carry on an everyday basis, then, you do have EDC items. Still, if this comprises your phone, keys, and wallet, it’s not really an EDC item. But each to their own.

Some people pay more attention to their everyday carry. Sure, they’ll have a phone, a wallet, and at least a set of personal keys, but they’ll pack so much more as well.

For example, some might attach a multitool to their keychain. You’ve seen multitools before, right? We’re talking about those items that have a bunch of retractable features, such as a knife, scissors, toothpicks, screwdrivers, etc.

But they also may carry more regular items, like pens, pencils, wristwatches, lighters. If you’re interested in EDC, these are the people you should reference. The more prepared you are for an everyday crisis, the happier you’ll be in the long run.

EDC Advantages

It’s not just about the question of what is EDC. You can probably see the advantages that it brings to the table, but still, you may not be convinced. With this in mind, here are some of the main advantages associated with having a proper everyday carry items list.

Being Prepared and Self-Reliant

Imagine your work-related item needs new batteries. Well, you’ve got those spare ones, but between you and battery replacement, there are a couple of screws that need undoing.

Without a multitool, you’d likely have to contact an engineer to get a proper screwdriver. Worse yet, you may even have to contact management and interrupt your working day.

Or, you can take out your keychain, use the multitool and replace those batteries in no-time. That’s what being self-reliant and prepared means.

Pure Convenience

The items that are in your EDC tend to be compact. If you need to carry something on a daily basis, you’re going to find a way to make things accessible and easy-to-use.

Well, say you happen to need something out of your EDC to do something at home, for instance. A small job that doesn’t really warrant the use of your entire toolbox.

With an ideal EDC, you’ll be able to finish the small job in no-time. Alternatively, you’d have to go get your tools and find the right one for the job.

So, EDC brings convenience to your home, as well.

EDC Items Should Be Durable

Look, your EDC items won’t collect dust on an empty shelf at home. You’re going to take them out on a daily basis.

With that said, the items that are a part of your everyday carry have to be resilient, durable, and made out of quality materials. With an EDC item, it’s either durability or nothing.

When you get an EDC item, you’re getting something that’s going to last quite a while. So, by default, you’re buying quality, which means saving money, in the long-term.

Personal Expression

It might not seem like much, and it’s definitely not pragmatic, but there’s an aspect of expressing yourself through your EDC.

Your everyday carry items, whether you want them to or not, say something about your personality. At the very least, if you’re well-equipped, they tell other people that you’re prepared to meet crises head-first.

Other than that, EDC items can tell a lot about your preferences. For instance, if a mouth harp is part of your EDC, well, that’s a clear sign that you’re into music.

If an incredibly versatile and useful keychain multitool makes its way to your EDC, people will know that you’re all about fixing stuff.

What Is EDC

Common EDC Items

Although each person’s everyday carry varies, there are some items that are most commonly found in many. Here are some of them.


In this day and age, a smartphone is practically a collection of EDC items itself. It can take pictures, measurements, access Google, and so on and so forth.


Naturally, you don’t leave home without your wallet. It contains a number of your documents, cards, as well as cash.


Keys are the essential element of a keychain. However, there are various keychain multitools that make for a perfect addition to your EDC, without being too bulky or unwieldy.


Although the knife is often a feature on many multitools, some people prefer carrying a pocket knife separately.

EDC Basics

That’s the gist of it – what EDC is all about. In theory, every single item that you carry on an everyday basis is a part of your EDC.

However, you can always improve your everyday carry list with convenient new items that will help you meet an average day head-on. Be prepared, be ready for anything – make the most out of your EDC.

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